The Great Yarn ADVENTure planning…

Well who would have thought I’d be planning a Christmas project in January?! It’s far too soon (I’ve even started buying presents… Step too far?!?)

Hedgehog fibre advent 2021

Last year I had a hand dyed advent calendar from hedgehog fibres and I had the best time opening up a brand new squishy awesomeness everyday! I had delight in the beautiful colours and creativity of each mini hank.

Hedgehog fibre advent 2021 minis

I used some of the minis to make my juniper cowl and it is GLORIOUS. Its a highly recommended project for minis!

Juniper cowl by TLYarn Craft

Whilst opening the daily dose of joy I asked myself why I hadn’t done an advent too… I mean my favourite part of being an indie dyer is the colourway designing! So designing 24 new colourways is not an issue. So what was stopping me?!

Hook and Cwtch Garden at Giverny minis

Imposter syndrome! I forever feel out of place in the yarn world! I don’t think I should be on the big playing field with the crazy talented indie dyers 😂 but this year I am daring myself to put myself out there even more and just say yes, because truthfully I am starting to believe in myself and ability to dye pretty awesome yarn.

The Great Yarn Adventure 2022

So it’s planned, goodies have been planned, colourways are being designed and I am ready to invite you on an adventure. The Great Yarn ADVENTure… Will you join me for a leap into the christmas unknown?!

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