Advent Day 3…. Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

Ha Long Bay fact! Just the one as today we have a local legend too!! The bay consists of a dense cluster of around 1,600 limestone islands! Each is topped with thick jungle vegetation which makes the area literally lush. ahaa! According to local legend, when Vietnam started to develop into a country, the Vietnamese peopleContinue reading “Advent Day 3…. Ha Long Bay, Vietnam”

Dyeing, Yarn Dyeing; sharing some stuff I know about it!

Hey! You may have seen on my Instagram over the past month I’ve dived deep into the dyeing pot and I’m actually a bit obsessed! So much so I’ve opened up my own Etsy shop! (shameless plug! 🤭) I thought I’d write out a few things I’ve learnt so far! I know many indie dyersContinue reading “Dyeing, Yarn Dyeing; sharing some stuff I know about it!”