Advent Day 19…. Canal Houses, Amsterdam

Canal houses in Amsterdam facts 1.  The impressive mansions along the Amsterdam canals were built during the Golden Age of Amsterdam. The lavish interior of the Amsterdam canal houses and their architecture reflect the financial and societal success of the merchant families in 17th century Amsterdam. 2. Typical of the Amsterdam Canal Houses are theirContinue reading “Advent Day 19…. Canal Houses, Amsterdam”

Advent Day 17…. Northern Lights, Norway

Northern Lights facts and legends 1. One Norse legend has the lights as reflections from the shield and armour of the Valkyries. These female warriors would choose which of the fallen would gain entry to Valhalla. Norse legends also suggest that these pulsating green ribbons of light served as an archway into Valhalla. 2. WhenContinue reading “Advent Day 17…. Northern Lights, Norway”

Advent Day 11…. Rainbow Mountain, Peru

Rainbow mountain tid bits! 1. Rainbow Mountain receives around 1,000 tourists a day. Sometimes, however, you can share Rainbow Mountain with up to 4,000 people since the place has become very popular over the last few years. 2. Around 2012, locals discovered Rainbow Mountain, and this happened thanks to the snow on top of itContinue reading “Advent Day 11…. Rainbow Mountain, Peru”

Advent Day 10…. Petra, Jordan

Petra fun facts! 1. The name Petra actually means ‘rocks’. ­ It is thought to come from the Greek word ‘Petros’, meaning rock, and was named by Greek visitors for its distinctive carved pink sandstone. 2. Petra was founded in the year 312 BC as the capital of the Nabatean Empire. This makes it overContinue reading “Advent Day 10…. Petra, Jordan”

Advent Day 7…. Nachi Falls, Japan

Nachi Falls facts! 1. The tallest waterfall in Japan is the stunning 133 meter high Nachi no Taki (Nachi Falls), and next to it the Nachi Taisha Grand Shrine (the beautiful orangey red Pagoda). 2. Early each morning the Shinto priest make offerings to the waterfall in a ritual. 3. In 1918, a mound wasContinue reading “Advent Day 7…. Nachi Falls, Japan”