Advent Day 24…. Taj Mahal, India

Taj Mahal facts,

1. The construction of the Taj Mahal began in 1632 and finished in 1653. This is because even after the completion of the mausoleum in 1642, work continued for ten more years. And even after the construction, small refinements continued.

2. The construction of this wonder cost an estimated 32 million rupees at the time. This amount now equates to about a billion US dollars and more than fifty billion Indian rupees.

3. Over a thousand elephants transported the construction materials and supplies from various parts of the world to the city of Agra.

Guys!! We made it! We at the last stop on this amazing adventure. I only wish I could really jet us all off to these amazing places! But here’s the last stop! This is hands down my favourite colourway of my short dyeing history.

Bright turquoise into blueberry, beautiful pinks, the softest greens, and ivory. It is all of my favourite shades. This granny square is the absolute best.

So here it is… the full advent in all its glory. Can I take a second to thank you all for the tonnes of amazing supportive comments and messages you’ve sent about my first advent. I am so proud of this collection and so thankful you joined me for it!

If you’ve loved it and want next years advent, keep an eye out on Instagram in mid-February for the details of Advent 2023…

Merry Christmas everyone ❤️

Xxx Jess

Advent Day 23…. The Pyramid’s, Egypt

The Pyramids of Giza facts!

1. The pyramids were built to honour certain pharaohs of the fourth ruling dynasty of Egypt that was known as the old kingdom. It was the first era of Egyptian civilization that lasted from 2688 to 2181 BCE.

2. The pyramids were constructed using local limestone that was available in large quantities in Egypt, and the outsides were highly polished.

3. Another astonishing fact about the Egyptian pyramids is that there are many more numerous side structures and buildings that undeservedly stay in the shadow and are not so widely known. The pyramids were only centre pieces placed among other smaller tombs called necropolis – the city of the dead.

4. Jess is DESPERATE to see them! I have been for about 25 years! 😅 I could have had one built in that amount of time, apparently…

This was the first place I wrote down as a definite when planning this advent. It was also the first colourway I dyed for the advent… so I knew it needed a prominent spot!

So here is the last gorgeous mini in the advent! I genuinely can not believe we’ve made it after this mental month!

Gorgeous peach and pale camel tones with flashes of soft orange mixed with the crisp baby blue. Perfection, in my opinion… 🤣

I could stare at this all day. Fact. (Check the granny at the bottom. It’s just the best.)

Last stop tomorrow! Can you believe it!! Now I have saved the best until last for me, so… hold onto your hats and suitcases!

Xxx Jess

Advent Day 22…. Ever-Growing Grotto, Lebanon

Ever-growing grotto facts

1. Jeita Grotto, which is a natural wonder, is a system of two interconnected caves. It is 9 kilometres long and is the longest cave complex in the Middle East.

2. Jeita Grotto closed to the public during the Lebanese Civil War. The caves were used to store weapons and equipment. It reopened to the public in 1995.

3. Lebanese speleologists discovered the upper galleries in 1958. They house the world’s largest stalactites, which are formations that hang from the ceiling of caves.

This grotto is just amazing! I joke the striking blue waters against the bright sandy rocks. And the dye pan is just as yummy!

Soft peachy oranges, lemon and marigold yellows with a flash of soft blue, 5his colourways is just beautiful 😍

The advent full image is starting to look pretty full don’t you think… just two to go!

Where oh where will we travel for our penultimate stop on this adventure?! The next two have been on my list since I was about… 7… ish.

Xxx Jess

Advent Day 21…. Lake Hillier, Australia

Lake Hillier facts,

1. Lake Hillier is famous due to the pink colour. The colour will not change when you take it into a container. The pink hue on the water is permanent.

2. Dunaliella salina is the organism, which causes the pink hue on the water of the lake.

3. On 15th January 1802, Matthew Flinders’ expedition visited Lake Hillier for the first time. The records about the lake were first written in the journal entries of Flinders. Flinders went to the highest peak of the island and found out the pink lake from the top. Today, the people call the peak as Flinders Peak.

You show me a bright pink lake, and you can be certain it’ll be on the must-see list! But for now, I’m happy it can inspire a colourway!

The magenta and light reds are diviiiiine, espwhen pared with the bright blues and multi layered greens!

Just two minis left and a biggy!! Gah!

The granny square today is yum don’t you think?!

Where will we be heading tomorrow do you think?!

Xxx Jess

Advent Day 20…. Batu Caves, Malaysia

Beautiful view of colorful stairs of Batu caves. Malaysia

Cinque Terre

1. The Lord Murugan statue is among the world’s tallest statues. Located in a temple, this statue is 140 feet tall and stands beside 272 steps leading to the Batu caves.

2. Archaeologists believe that these caves are more than 400 million years old.

The Batu caves are a collection of a network of caves, they include the temple cave, the Dark Cave, the Museum cave, Fallen caves, Sakai cave and the Quarry caves.

3. Batu Caves temple history took a big step forward when wooden steps up to Temple Cave were built in 1920. In 1940, two sets of concrete steps were completed.

The next big change came in 2018 Batu Caves when the stairs were painted to form the famous, colourful site that it is today.

Rainbow dye pan… Will I ever get bored of them?!… no, honestly, aha!

This colourway has half golden yellow and vibrant green for the foliage on the cliffs. And of course, the gorgeous colours of the vibrant steps!

These minis are a bit special, I think! This is the only colourway that I had to dye twice because I wanted them to be more vibrant! I have very high standards for myself 😆

Check out the granny square at the bottom… this colourway is beautiful made up!

I’m so excited for the last few!! Not long now until Christmas! Haven’t we travelled far and wide already over the last three weeks?

Xxx Jess