Jess, 32, crafter, creator, wife, mother, coffee lover.

Hello! Fiber fam, Jess here. The one woman show that is hook&cwtch. I have so many plans, like so so so many plans for us and I plan on sharing the journey with you as I travel?! Slightly awkward, a bit goofy and generally chirpy I can’t wait to share my future here on my blog with you all. I’m a keen crocheter, it’s almost an addiction (very much like my yarn accrual; definitely an addiction) I dabble in a bit of knitting and I’m determined to make myself a knitted jumper (dive in at the deep end, face palm!) I also have a small yarn dyeing business that I adore (check it out here). But really I just enjoy having a creative outlet as life is chaotic and craft keeps me somewhat sane, well if you can call me sane.

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Xxxx Jess

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