Advent Day 23…. The Pyramid’s, Egypt

The Pyramids of Giza facts!

1. The pyramids were built to honour certain pharaohs of the fourth ruling dynasty of Egypt that was known as the old kingdom. It was the first era of Egyptian civilization that lasted from 2688 to 2181 BCE.

2. The pyramids were constructed using local limestone that was available in large quantities in Egypt, and the outsides were highly polished.

3. Another astonishing fact about the Egyptian pyramids is that there are many more numerous side structures and buildings that undeservedly stay in the shadow and are not so widely known. The pyramids were only centre pieces placed among other smaller tombs called necropolis – the city of the dead.

4. Jess is DESPERATE to see them! I have been for about 25 years! 😅 I could have had one built in that amount of time, apparently…

This was the first place I wrote down as a definite when planning this advent. It was also the first colourway I dyed for the advent… so I knew it needed a prominent spot!

So here is the last gorgeous mini in the advent! I genuinely can not believe we’ve made it after this mental month!

Gorgeous peach and pale camel tones with flashes of soft orange mixed with the crisp baby blue. Perfection, in my opinion… 🤣

I could stare at this all day. Fact. (Check the granny at the bottom. It’s just the best.)

Last stop tomorrow! Can you believe it!! Now I have saved the best until last for me, so… hold onto your hats and suitcases!

Xxx Jess


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