Advent Day 22…. Ever-Growing Grotto, Lebanon

Ever-growing grotto facts

1. Jeita Grotto, which is a natural wonder, is a system of two interconnected caves. It is 9 kilometres long and is the longest cave complex in the Middle East.

2. Jeita Grotto closed to the public during the Lebanese Civil War. The caves were used to store weapons and equipment. It reopened to the public in 1995.

3. Lebanese speleologists discovered the upper galleries in 1958. They house the world’s largest stalactites, which are formations that hang from the ceiling of caves.

This grotto is just amazing! I joke the striking blue waters against the bright sandy rocks. And the dye pan is just as yummy!

Soft peachy oranges, lemon and marigold yellows with a flash of soft blue, 5his colourways is just beautiful 😍

The advent full image is starting to look pretty full don’t you think… just two to go!

Where oh where will we travel for our penultimate stop on this adventure?! The next two have been on my list since I was about… 7… ish.

Xxx Jess


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