Advent Day 21…. Lake Hillier, Australia

Lake Hillier facts,

1. Lake Hillier is famous due to the pink colour. The colour will not change when you take it into a container. The pink hue on the water is permanent.

2. Dunaliella salina is the organism, which causes the pink hue on the water of the lake.

3. On 15th January 1802, Matthew Flinders’ expedition visited Lake Hillier for the first time. The records about the lake were first written in the journal entries of Flinders. Flinders went to the highest peak of the island and found out the pink lake from the top. Today, the people call the peak as Flinders Peak.

You show me a bright pink lake, and you can be certain it’ll be on the must-see list! But for now, I’m happy it can inspire a colourway!

The magenta and light reds are diviiiiine, espwhen pared with the bright blues and multi layered greens!

Just two minis left and a biggy!! Gah!

The granny square today is yum don’t you think?!

Where will we be heading tomorrow do you think?!

Xxx Jess


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