Advent Day 20…. Batu Caves, Malaysia

Beautiful view of colorful stairs of Batu caves. Malaysia

Cinque Terre

1. The Lord Murugan statue is among the world’s tallest statues. Located in a temple, this statue is 140 feet tall and stands beside 272 steps leading to the Batu caves.

2. Archaeologists believe that these caves are more than 400 million years old.

The Batu caves are a collection of a network of caves, they include the temple cave, the Dark Cave, the Museum cave, Fallen caves, Sakai cave and the Quarry caves.

3. Batu Caves temple history took a big step forward when wooden steps up to Temple Cave were built in 1920. In 1940, two sets of concrete steps were completed.

The next big change came in 2018 Batu Caves when the stairs were painted to form the famous, colourful site that it is today.

Rainbow dye pan… Will I ever get bored of them?!… no, honestly, aha!

This colourway has half golden yellow and vibrant green for the foliage on the cliffs. And of course, the gorgeous colours of the vibrant steps!

These minis are a bit special, I think! This is the only colourway that I had to dye twice because I wanted them to be more vibrant! I have very high standards for myself 😆

Check out the granny square at the bottom… this colourway is beautiful made up!

I’m so excited for the last few!! Not long now until Christmas! Haven’t we travelled far and wide already over the last three weeks?

Xxx Jess


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