Advent Day 19…. Canal Houses, Amsterdam

Canal houses in Amsterdam facts

1.  The impressive mansions along the Amsterdam canals were built during the Golden Age of Amsterdam. The lavish interior of the Amsterdam canal houses and their architecture reflect the financial and societal success of the merchant families in 17th century Amsterdam.

2. Typical of the Amsterdam Canal Houses are their facades. It was considered ugly if you could see the roof from the street. The roof was therefore hidden from view by a gable. In the first years, this was the ‘stepped gable’. Later more gable styles became in fashion: the neck gable, the bell gable and later the sober horizontal gable.

3. For more than two years, Anne Frank and her family lived in the annex of the building at Prinsengracht 263, a canal house, where Anne’s father, Otto Frank, also had his business. They hid from the gestapo but ultimately where betrayed and discovered. Only Otto survived the war.

This beautiful image was the inspiration of a rainbow colourway because rainbows are for life. When I visited Amsterdam, I fell in love with it, and I forgot how much I liked it until I was planning this collection.

Soft but rich colours were used for this colourway. Deep marigolds and bright oranges, with purples, maroons, and turquoise. It’s just beautiful. It reminds me of the colourful tulips you see for sale everywhere and clogs! (In the touristy bit…)

I know I keep saying this is my favourite to everyone, but this one is up there for sure. Rainbows. I just love them.

Check out that granny square! Isn’t it…. *chefs kiss*!?!

Xxx Jess


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