Advent Day 11…. Rainbow Mountain, Peru

Rainbow mountain tid bits!

1. Rainbow Mountain receives around 1,000 tourists a day. Sometimes, however, you can share Rainbow Mountain with up to 4,000 people since the place has become very popular over the last few years.

2. Around 2012, locals discovered Rainbow Mountain, and this happened thanks to the snow on top of it melting. Before, nobody (or very few people) had seen a Rainbow Mountain…

3. Let’s get scientific about Rainbow Mountain geology, it’s composed of several colours:

Pink (rosado) is the red clay (mud and sand)
White (blanco) is quartzose, sandstone and marls (calcium)
Red (rojo) is claystones (iron)
Green (verde) is phyllites (ferro magnesian)
Brown (café o marrón) is fanglomerate (magnesium)
Yellow (amarillo) is calcareous (sulphur)

These minerals give the mountain its unique make up and look! How amazing!

Such a fun one to create, layering and striping the various colours to give a stunning dye bath. Greeny yellows through red and pink offset with a gorgeous sky blue.

Twisted this yarn is even better! I love the variegated warm tones with the blue flash. It’s the perfect sunrise colourway.

The granny is a bit special… not going to lie… (scrollllll)

I love this initial set of the Advent that make up the 12 days minis… just one more for the 12 dayers tomorrow! And it’s a big one!!

Where are we off next?! Any guesses?!

Xxx Jess


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