Advent Day 7…. Nachi Falls, Japan

Nachi Falls facts!

1. The tallest waterfall in Japan is the stunning 133 meter high Nachi no Taki (Nachi Falls), and next to it the Nachi Taisha Grand Shrine (the beautiful orangey red Pagoda).

2. Early each morning the Shinto priest make offerings to the waterfall in a ritual.

3. In 1918, a mound was excavated at the base of the waterfall where they found many important archaeological artifacts, including statues, mirrors, altar fittings and Sutra cylinders. These are now displayed in the Ryuhoden (“Treasure Hall”), located next to the shrine.

The jarring contrast between the red and oranges of the shrine against the natural greens of the scenery around the falls was easy inspiration for this colourway and the dyebath makes me so happy.

This one works up beautifully with areas of the reg and orange, some greys, browns and a multilayered green. Scroll to see the crochet granny square!

We are racing through these aren’t we! I think we will be at Christmas day before we know it!!

Where do you think we will be travelling to next?!

Xxx Jess


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