Advent Day 6…. Easter Island, Chile

Easter Island facts!

1. There are some 1000 heads/statues dotted around the island. Their true name is Moai.

2. Initially europeans couldn’t work out how the moai had been moved from the quarries to their current locations as the island were mostly treeless by the time they arrived. Recent studies and theories believe huge groups of people were used to painstakingly roll each one slowly on logs. (Mystery sort of solved… ish)

3. Moai were carved from compressed, solidified volcanic ash or tuff, found on the side of the extinct volcano Rano Raraku. It took teams of about 5 around a year to create one! Amazing!

What an absolute joy of a colourway this is! Using the warm tones of the sunset and the rich tones of the earth, and then greens for the grass land with hints of the vivid sky blue! I mix of grey whites for the waters and you have one pretty epic skein.

It’s just the most intensely lush colourway that I am a huge fan of! And I’m not a massive yellow fan normally, but this one… 👌

The collection is growing! What an amazing trip this has been so far! Scroll for the granny as per usual!

Six in! Are we a quarter of the way, seriously!? How’s the jetlag?! 🤣

Where do you think we may end up tomorrow?

Xxx Jess


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