Advent Day 5…. St. Basil’s Cathedral, Russia

St Basil’s Cathedral facts

1. Ivan Vasilyevich, the first Tsar of Russia, ordered the construction of the cathedral in 1555.

2. Today, Saint Basil’s Cathedral is recognized for its vibrant palette. This was however not its original colour; the beautiful colours were added about 200 years after the building was completed. Originally the cathedral was whit with gold domes!

3. The cathedral was turned into a museum in 1928 after a soviet union antireligion movement.

A casual jaunt to Russia then, to view the most stunning St. Basil’s cathedral. Undeniably beautiful architecture in rainbow colours. The tops look like christmas sweets 😋 yum.

It’s said that Ivan the terrible actually blinded the architects so that they couldn’t make a bigger or more beautiful construction after it had been erected!

Gorgeous rainbow for this colourway drawing on the sunrise sky and the colours of the cathedral. I debated not including this one in the advent, but ultimately I decided that I can appreciate the building whilst disagreeing with Russia’s politics.

I can’t get enough of this colourway. The granny square is… phwoar. That pooling!

Where oh where will we head tomorrow!?

Xxx Jess


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