Pack your bags, ADVENTures afoot!

IT’S TOMORROW!!! This is yours boarding call for….

I cant believe that we are just about to start the adventure in yarn that I started to plan back in January. What a year it has been for hook and cwtch!! I want to quickly say thank you all for this year, h&c has grown so much and had a glow up and its all down to you guys my lovely customers and friends. Huge love for you all!!! Anyway… shall we get back to ADVENT!

This gorgeous advent is a journey around the globe to some pretty epic locations, some that I have visted but so many more that are on my bucket list! I’m so ecxited that I can finally share these with you all!! You are all welcome on board even if you dont have the advent, you can journey with us through the discovery of a new location and colourway each day!!

So here is the low down, everyday at 8pm I will be posting the inspiration on social media and a blog with the inspiration image, the dye pan and spoilers of the yarn dyed to compliment the location of that day. I wont share the extras until day 24 as they can be opened whenever!! All 10 of them in the full advent!!!

I dont know if you can tell but I am rather excited! the extra exclamation marks maybe a giveaway.

As this is my first advent I have kept a set just for myself and have made a crochet square for each colourway for you to see just how stunning the colourway looks worked up (and to encourage you to use the yummy minis!!)

I have chosen to make a Celosia jumper by Expression Fibre arts and I will in the later half of the advent start to share this with you as I have ordered them differently to the advent days, and at the end of advent I will share the order that I am using them for a pretty epic fade! Have you got any ideas for your minis?

Dont panic if not, I will share some on instagram and save them to a highlights reel for easy reference!!

So last thing before tomorrow… A SNEAK PEEK eeeeeee!

See you tomorrow!!

Xxx Jess

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