Popping up to Crewe for a pop up

I sat down on the train at a table, opposite three young girls on their way to Manchester for a night out. The opening of their tinned cocktails and loud chat about boys filling my mind, taking it off a fairly nerve racking but exciting weekend ahead.

I was off to the Crochet Sanctuary, the very one I’d been drooling over attending for months but one thing kept me from totally letting go. I’d been invited to have a pop up shop!

Now please don’t misunderstand me, it was a no brainer when Lynda-Rose and Lisa asked me if I’d like to have a shop at their event! OF COURSE! What an absolute honour! But I was so so nervous.

This was my very first in person shop! I have only until now sold on etsy and panic had set in. I’d started questioning everything about my yarn and the quality. I convinced myself that I’d be taking home as much as I was dragging halfway up the country on the train.

I’d created a new collection for the girls attending all based on cocktails (mostly for my own benefit as I looooooove cocktails and had recently been out with my husband indulging in them!) and even though I’d had a good reception on the socials I still felt panicked.

After a long train journey (knitting and listening to my audio book… Occasionally eaves dropping in on the lively girly chat next to me, it couldn’t be helped) I arrived in Holmes Chapel and dragged the biggest suitcase known to human kind over the bridge and down a set of steps. This part was actually a bit touch and go😅. I got in my taxi (shout out to the driver who managed to lift the enormous case into his boot 😳) and set off for Cranage Hall.

Five minutes later I was outside the hotel. It is STUNNING. What a brilliant venue for a crochet weekend! The sun was trying to stay in front of the clouds and I was OK! I’d made it so far without being sick despite the nerves. Phew.

I checked in and the lovely lady at reception opted to give me a room on the same floor! Thank you for that! The thought of lughing the case up and down more stairs was filling me with dread 🤣.

On my way to the room I spotted someone with a neon stitchers tshirt saying Crocheter on it sat in the sunshine (thankyou Sharon for wearing that top!). I decided I’d go and introduce myself and see if I could join.

By the time I’d got there there was another person with her, but this time I recognised her, it was Amanda from MrsGMakes. PHEW! I had an in! 😅 Thank goodness they were so kind and I spent the rest of the evening with them, they even invited me to have dinner with them ❤️. I felt relaxed in the evening and so grateful for their company!

Both Mrs G and I had a pop up shop and set up together once the crochet sanctuary girls arrived. Once I’d thrown all of my yarn at the table I realised just quite how much I had and was certain I’d brought too much. No one was going to buy the amount I’d managed to fit in the suitcase!

I headed back to my room, had a bath, caught up on love Island and went to bed, knowing it would be a long day full of crochet fun the next day!

When I woke up I realised I only had 20 minutes before I was due to meet Sharon and Amanda for breakfast. Less time to over think I suppose! But as breakfast drew to a close I started to panic once again. Gah! I don’t suffer with social anxiety normally but this felt different. My heart was out on display for people to see. My creations there for others to judge. Gah!

Well my panic was for nothing. Let’s put it this way. Yarny people are my people. The kind words I had from everyone at the shop gave me the biggest boost ever. I sold almost as much yarn on that day as I had in the previous year. 😳 It was just amazing.

I think that putting yourself out there is still the biggest and scariest thing you can do! But in that room were possibly some of the nicest people I have ever met and I honestly can’t thank you all enough for the support you showed me. I may not have shown it but I was bricking it! 🤣

AND I’ve not even mentioned the actual CROCHET day. Well I can’t even explain how fabulous the day of crafting was. We got two brilliant patterns, all the yarn to make them, lunch and a whole bag of goodies. Plus I got to finally meet the gorgeous ladies who run the Crochet Sanctuary. Lisa and Lynda-Rose already felt like friends (meeting them in real life just confirmed it 🤣).

In fact I am excited to say that I’ll be going back in August but not for a day, for an entire weekend. Excitement level UP! 😁 When I’ll be hosting another pop up! Gah! Here we go again.

Hopefully this time I will be more confident in myself and my yarn and be able to fully relax!

Love xx Jess

If you’d like to look at my shop head to http://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/Hookandcwtch

If you want to join the crochet sanctuary head to https://www.crochetsanctuary.co.uk/

To see Mrs Gs amazing Makes head to her Etsy https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/MrsGMakes

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