Better late than never, Right?!

OK so I have a very real very serious condition – FOMO.

I have a complete fear of missing out, especially when it comes to all things yarn. I have a hugely addictive personality and I’m completely in denial with how much I can actually achieve in a day, week, month… Or in this case… A year.

So I began crocheting properly in Feb/March of last year after subscribing to a monthly crochet box. I loved these boxes and quickly wanted more content to fawn over so subscribed to the crochet now magazine.

It was made even better as the subscription had a gift that came with it. All the yarn to make a stunning blanket!

The celestial blanket. 😍 It was beautiful hexigons in semi pastel rainbows with mosaic designs! Annnnnnnnd it was made with scheepjes yarn (which at the time I believed to be the best yarn ever 😅 I’ve learnt a bit since, it’s still good but… Maybe I’ll write a blog about my yarn stash and explain).

So, it was a no brainer. The blanket pattern would be released in parts over the next year in the magazine and I was thoroughly convinced I’d have the blanket fully made by the time my subscription stopped.

Fast forward. A year.

I’ve cancelled my magazine subscription (I have nowhere to store them and they take up valuable stash space, let’s be honest!)

The yarn sits in my stash too, making me feel utter guilt that it’s not been chosen to be used. It’s seem many other lucky balls come and go over the year. It may even be a little depressed. Poor yarn 😔

I’ve made quite a few blankets over the past year and I’ve not been drawn to it, until now.

That’s right, a full year and a month late…. (drumroll) it’s on the hook! (cheer!) 😂

Now I’m. Not sure if it was time management or my complete delusion that I can get multiple subscription projects a month done (in knitting and crochet) or if its that half the time I sign up to extra one off boxes (I think I’ll do a post about these too 😂😂) thinking it won’t take long to do or that I then go and buy other yarn for my own project finds and start them before doing anything else… But my waiting list is longer than the NHS. 😬😬😬

But like I said, it’s on the hook, when it will be done is yet to be seen… Especially as I’ve lost one of the magazines since 🙄

What’s the point of this blog, a bit of self shaming I think and a bit of word vomit.

Anyway, here are some of my completed hexies… (it’s taken me 2 months to post this… 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️)

Much love! Xx Jess

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